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Want to use Store Manager for OpenCart on several computers simultaneously? Additional License of Store Manager is the way out. Install the application on multiple computers to widen online shop management capabilities

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Latest version: from 20/08/2020
Supported versions: 2.2.x 2.0.x 1.5.x

Store Manager for OpenCart is a unique, cutting-edge OpenCart solution designed to simplify and enhance vital store handling operations, improve business performance and increase turnovers.

Refine data management, make it accurate and opportune with Store Manager. With this easy-to-use application you get an opportunity to quickly and efficiently arrange your categories, products, manufacturers, customers, attributes, orders and even more.

Store Manager for OpenCart Features

  • Multitude of product management operations - add, modify, remove OpenCart products, use copy/paste and clone functionalities to create new product listings
  • Handy filter and search options - use built-in filters or create custom ones for better store navigation
  • Arrange categories in a worthwhile manner - add new categories to OpenCart, edit existing or remove ones easily
  • Import/Export products and related data with convenient step-by-step wizard
  • Import products to OpenCart from CSV, XLS, XLSX, XML, TXT files
  • Assign multiple categories to product(s) at once
  • Manage category images
  • Convenient options and values management - create, alter, remove options/values, assign them to necessary products
  • Bulk update of OpenCart products - change quantity, status, price, description, manufacturer and other details
  • Database backup/restore, automated database backup - keep store data protected
  • Raw Table Editor for quick access to database tables is at your disposal
  • Fulfill comprehensive customer management - create, modify, remove, filter customers, arrange customer groups smartly
  • Export customers from grid to XLS, XLSX, XML, HTML, TXT, CSV files
  • Organize OpenCart orders accurately - create, modify orders, filter orders by status and time period, print invoices, export orders from grid to XLS, XLSX, XML, HTML, TXT, CSV files
  • Powerful POS - create orders in a few seconds via one-page OpenCart POS
  • Automatically upload product images
  • Easily manage multiple stores switching between them with Connection Switch option

Before you place your order for Store Manager for OpenCart Additional License make sure that:

  • You do have a valid Primary License for this software. If not - order Store Manager for OpenCart Primary License first
  • If you have one already, make sure you are using the same email to purchase Store Manager for OpenCart Additional Licenses as you did to order Store Manager for OpenCart Primary License.


 Please visit Store Manager for OpenCart site for more details


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