QuickBooks Desktop Integration for PrestaShop

Integrate your PrestaShop store with QuickBooks accounting system to speed through everyday shop management manipulations

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QuickBooks Integration is a comprehensive Store Manager for PrestaShop extension designed to help merchants keep accounting perfect and updated. The addon fulfills product, customer, order export to and product import from QuickBooks, a bookkeeping package that combines a variety of accounting processes into user-friendly system.

With Store Manager and its addon you can rapidly synchronize data between PrestaShop and QuickBooks, fulfilling:

  1. Export products from Store Manager to QuickBooks
    • select the type of entry to be created: inventory, non-inventory, service, other charge
    • modify existing merchandise, create new ones or do both - just select necessary export method
    • map PrestaShop products with QuickBooks ones to avoid duplicates
  2. Export customers from PrestaShop to QuickBooks
    • create, modify customer listings or accomplish both choosing suitable export method
    • apply different taxes (default or new ones) to PrestaShop customers
    • map customers
  3. Export store orders to QuickBooks
    • filter orders you want to export
    • export discounts or create new ones
    • create refunds
    • select suitable product export options
  4. Import products
    • choose between import methods (create, update products or do both)
    • select necessary product type
    • optionally update product details (price, name, quantity, description)

The usage of QuickBooks Integration addon is highly beneficial, since it guarantees complete and accurate integration, cuts down time spent on data transfer and reduces errors

NOTE: The addon is implemented in Store Manager and operates in demo mode, so that you can process up to 5 records only. Full-functional export/import will be performed when you register the addon with License Key provided after you purchase this tool.

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