Custom Report Development for Magento

This service covers one-time Magento report development of any complecity including Magento sales report, Magento low stock report, Magento profit report and any other Magento Custom Report
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Magento Report development service covers one-time creation of new or modification of existing report provided by eMagicOne technical engineer.

Please choose one of the options depending on report complecity you need:

  • Basic Magento report development - covers the modification of an existing simple report, which requires basic skills like changing the company logo, adding company information, modification of template or any other minor changes.
  • Advanced Magento Report Development - covers one-time creation or modification of existing report of medium level of complexity which requires SQL skills for performing changes. It can cover various filters or extra data or graphics adding, etc.
  • Premium Magento Report Development - covers one-time Magento custom report development or modification of the existing complex report, which requires advanced skills for adjusting it to your requirements. It can cover advanced Magento sales report, Magento low stock report or Magento profit report
  • Ultimate Magento Report Development - covers one-time report creation of any level of complexity which requires advanced SQL skills for adapting the report to all your requirements.

Contact us before you proceed with the order to clarify all estimates! Detailed scope of work will be determined for each customer individually. If you are not sure about the level of report complexity, please, contact us so our tech engineer could evaluate and estimate the time and cost of creating reports according to your requirements.

You may be asked to provide the following information along with your order:

  • FTP login details or database backup
  • Hosting Control Pannel access details
  • Store Admin section login details
  • Detailed requirements in spreadsheet or file of text format

You can include this information in Comments field during checkout process, alternatively you can send it via email to eMagicOne support.

Customer is responsible for communications with third-party companies, specific to each service request.

You cannot use discount coupons/bonus points/bundles or any other reduction for services according to Installation Service Terms.

Magento Report development service doesn't include:

  • Additional work related to third-party modules or Shopping Cart customizations
  • Products/customers/orders import
  • Personal education session
  • Remote desktop assistance
  • Store Manager Addons’ configuration or complex product setup

We have more work to do for you:

  • For one-time products import check Magneto Product Import service - 149 - 249
  • To get professional training session check Store Manager for Magento Training session
  • For Store Manager detailed configuration or any specific assistance for eBay, QuickBooks, or ICEcat setup check Remote Desktop Assistance Service
  • For connection configuration or complex product setup check Connection Configuration & Setup Service
  • For one-time minor assistance provided by technical engineer check Basic Assistance Service

eMagicOne is experienced in configuration services, report development and import setup for new and existing stores and is available to assist store owners with their major tasks.

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