Automated Product Import for OpenCart

Automated Product Import ensures flawless and accurate OpenCart import, accomplished at predefined time without your interference.

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Latest version: from 20/08/2020
Supported versions: 2.2.x 2.0.x 1.5.x

Automated Product Import is Store Manager for OpenCart addon, developed on purpose to eliminate routine data handling tasks, to be more precise, substitute them with scheduled import operations.

What Automated Product Import can do for you:

  • Complete Automation
    Accompish automated and accurate product appending to OpenCart
  • Maintain Accuracy
    Avoid duplicated data entries and other issues arising from manual data input
  • Save Time, Increase Speed
    It greatly reduces time, spent on data management manipulations


  • Configure import settings once and import items from the files provided by your suppliers on monthly, weekly or daily basis
  • Use files of different formats - CSV, XML, XLS/XLSX (MS Excel format), ODS (OpenOffice format), TXT files to import data from
  • Add multiple data upload tasks that will be accomplished at predefined time
  • Set automated import tasks using local files or the ones from remote destinations (having FTP or HTTP links to the files)
  • Carry out on-the-fly data inputs or modifications with the help of expressions, instead of time-consuming manual data handling
  • Upload local images or external ones directly from supplier’s site
  • Modify the existing products only, create new ones or do both - chose corresponding option


Automate data appending, ensure accuracy, cooperate with multiple suppliers and expand your business horizon with Automated Product Import. It’s a comprehensive solution that allows to perfect data uploads.

Note: The addon is implemented in Store Manager and operates in demo mode, so that you can process up to 10 records only. Full-functional import will be performed when you register the addon with License Key provided after you purchase this tool.

NOTE:Automated Product Import is Store Manager for OpenCart addon, it can not be used as stand-alone products, thus you should have Store Manager installed.

Get Automated Product Import addon for OpenCart today to keep your catalog updated. Invest in your business today to get more profit tomorrow!

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