36 Months Update for Magento Store Manager PRO Edition

Extend your updates and downloads with the 36 Months Update for Magento Store Manager PRO Edition

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Latest version: from 01/23/2023
Supported languages:
English (United States) French Spanish Italian German Japanese Chinese Simplified more...
Portuguese Dutch Danish Norwegian Greek Swedish Polish Romanian Bulgarian Hungarian Portuguese, Brazilian Ukrainian Slovak Czech Slovenian Serbian Latvian Croatian Lithuanian Russian Bengali Filipino Indonesian Albanian Turkish Persian Arabic Hebrew
Supported versions:
2.4.5 2.4.4 2.4.3 2.4.2 2.4.1 2.4.0 2.3.x 2.2.x 2.1.x 2.0.x 2.4.5

Update Service for Store Manager - Professional Edition 36 months.

Update Service is a download period. It allows you to download latest versions of Store Manager. By purchasing Primary License of the product you receive 36 months of updates free of charge. After that period if you still want to be able to download most recent versions of Store Manager you should order Update Service.
Update Service is a key. When order is complete you will receive license key. You have to apply that key to one of your licenses that you want to extend download period for.
Update Service does not allow extending the period of validity of the Trial License. The Trial License is time-limited and can not be extended in any way.


To download latest software updates follow 2 simple steps:


Step 1 - Order Update Service Professional Edition 36 months Plan


Step 2 - Apply Update Service Key to Your Existing License


Click here to apply Update Service Key to your Store Manager Primary license key and get software update instantly


Alternatively you can download latest updates from your account in the eMagicOne License Management.


Note: You do not have to purchase Update Service for every license. It is required to update Primary license only. Once it is updated, you can download the latest version using Primary license download link and update all Store Manager applications you have. In case you need to have updates prolonged for all licenses (including additional licenses), you're welcome to order a separate Update Service license key per each Store Manager license.


Important note: One Update Service license key can be used one time to prolong one Store Manager license. Once it is used, it becomes disabled.


Update service does not restrict nor affect usage, you still can use older versions without any additional fees. Thank you for using Store


Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition


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